not sure how to set a proper directory to sync to

ok. i have setup the app and i am aware of the unique folder ids. i actually have synced about 100gb of stuff but just not into the correct folder. no matter what path i put in the option box for the path that i am uploading to, it always syncs to /share/Syncthing/data/.

what the problem is, say for instance if i want it to sync to /mnt/share/… instead of whatever the default path is, i should be able to type in the option box /mnt/share/… but for some reason everytime i try to sync it to that folder, it syncs it to share/syncthing/data/mnt share/… its completely baffling me lol.

just so we are crystal clear, i want to sync to /mnt/share/ but it is syncing to /share/syncthing/data/mnt share/ instead.

i feel like it is a backslash problem, but i am really not quite sure. the log does not show any errors or anything either so i am completely lost here

EDIT: also i can not update to the latest build. whenever i click to upgrade it seems to not upgrade and just goes right back to the gui. no errors in the log in the addon page either

Please describe your environment like operating system, where you installed Syncthing from and what user account it is running under. The paths you mentioned don’t look familiar to me in any way.

Also screenshots would help to see where you are entering the path.

ive installed in Home assistant OS running inside of hyper-v. when i pull up the gui, i clicked actions->settings->default folder path is set to /mnt/share/ and the folder is def writeable.

it is running under a system/root account and should theoretically have plenty of permission to write files in a folder that i already have complete control over. i am not interested in sharing any of these files with anyone and am just trying to setup my own photo backup solution.

hmm ok i think i might know why now. when i try to ssh to the vm, as root user, i do not see a /mnt/share/ folder. but… BUT… ive installed Filebrowser addon from here: and within this addon i was able to mount share from my windows installation to /mnt/share/ and i am even able to browse to it and create folders and upload things to that folder as long as i am connected to the web ui of that addon. so i think what i need to do is somehow mount that folder so it is accessable system wide if possible. good lord i swear to god this home assistant is becoming worse than my ex assistant. she was always breaking down and i was always trying to fix her lol.

Okay. The setting you were changing only affects newly shared folders, not existing ones. To do what you’re after, there is unfortunately no really easy way as Syncthing doesn’t support moving existing folders. You will have to remove the folder from Syncthing first.

Open the folder details pane and click the Edit button. There you see the used path. Click the Remove button on the lower left and confirm removing the folder. Your files will stay where they are, so either you move them manually now or, maybe safer, just let the sync to the new location again later.

Then add the folder again using the Add Folder button. Pay attention to the path field, that’s where you control where stuff gets synced. It will be set to the path you entered in the other dialog by default.

See also FAQ — Syncthing documentation

Regarding permissions or other path issues, you’re probably better off asking in a HomeAssistant specific forum.

its just wild to me how… i can sync these pictures from anywhere in the world to anywhere on this home assistant directory tree EXCEPT for a folder that i choose. i can already push files to and from home assistant so to me, it is just another path even if it is mounted, its still a valid path on my system. maybe the developer should look further into this

the dev who is working on this needs to look into this. it is not a matter of if my files will get deleted, none of that should even matter. the path is valid in my user instance and Syncthing is also running within this same user instance.

it just seems ass backwards or no point in doing it. hell if i have to fire up home assistant when i get home and copy them over manually, i could just do that stright from my phone. all the work that has been put into this function and its dead in the water in my eyes.

if i have to manually copy files to a path that i should be able to EASILY configure in the Syncthing addon, then whats the point? seriously? and what does files getting deleted have to do with which folder it is syncing to? the folder it syncs to comes before the actual syncing. if i set it up to sync to X folder, it should sync to X folder, not Y folder and then manually copy it to X. its mildly retarded. the app handles all the direction in which files are transferred, i have it set up to only send from my phone and to only recieve on my home assistant. there is no reason at all i shouldnt be able to easily configure this but for some reason it is so difficult i have spent around 14 hours and still cant sync the goddamn pictures to a folder of my own choosing. whos idea was it to lock the base path down to /share/synthing/data anyway? why not let people just put their own path in there without any magic behind the curtian bullshit? jesus fuckin christ wtf lol

well slap my balls and call me sally, there is a windows app too.

It sounds as if Syncthing is started with /share/syncthing/data set as its current path instead of using the root / path. This means that all paths that you input in it will end up being relative to /share/syncthing/data.

What kind of Syncthing package is it? It doesn’t look like the official releases available at If the package comes from Home Assistant, then they’re the ones responsible for setting Syncthing like that.

You may be able to hack around it by using relative paths, e.g. ../../../mnt/share, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up with the same errors about access being denied, as this looks like a conscious decision by the OS maker to limit application access to specific paths only.

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i just use the windows app now. it is much easier to setup on windows anyway. i am also thinking of migrating my home assistant away from hyperv because it is a nightmare to mitigate anything. i think ill run it in WSL or something like that. somewhere i can mount devices easier. but i dodnt even think to try relative paths. i may give that a try just to see if it does work. thanks

I’m pretty sure despite all your foul language that you just didn’t tell Syncthing where to sync the files. You thought you did, but it was simply the wrong option you were editing. I explained what you could do to fix it, but if you found a different solution that’s fine.

Throwing such terms at the developers is still not justified though.

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