Non synchronised elements

I have 3 synology devices with syncthing. On one of device I see non-synhronised elements in list of connected devices. But on another two all nodes shown synchninised.

Two devices has no encryption, but the last one (with problem) has encrypted files (Receive Encrypted)

On both devices out of sync items from differend folders.

Looks like the problem was caused by initial simultaneous sync of new device with 2 existing nodes with enabled encription All files in the place (I have checked by total size of folders) I have tried to resync folders on device with problem, pause nodes, not halped.

How can i solve the problem?


Only 5% of folder files not syncronised

Partially it looks like "Out Of Sync" on one device, "Up To Date" on the other But in my case folders has good status

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