"Out Of Sync" on one device, "Up To Date" on the other

I’m not having a great first day with Syncthing unfortunately.

I’ve got it running on a Windows PC and an Unraid server. I’m trying to transfer a fairly large folder from the Windows PC to the Unraid machine. It seemed to be going okay, if slow, for the first while. But the transfer got about half-way done then stopped. This is what the two devices report:

I have tried:

– restarting both devices

– toggling on/off relay connection

– switching between LinuxServer and Binhex containers on Unraid

– opening ports on router

– toggling between send/receive on both devices, and send on PC/receive on unraid

No luck so far.

This looks clearly like a bug of some sort - the global state in the second screenshot has somehow got doubled. I would suggest trying to remove and re-add the folder on that device. You can leave the files on the disk, just remove and re-add it in Syncthing.

Ah, thank you. I was getting ready to give up on it, honestly.

Removing the folder from the 2nd device didn’t work, but actually removing it from the 1st device got things flowing again. They both did a big scan and now they seem happy.

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