Newly added folders get wrong name

Hi, I have a 2-machine setup (Mac and Linux droplet in Digital Ocean), Syncthing version 1.3 on both.

Using Actions > Advanced > Options > Default folder path I have adjusted the default path on each machine to be ~/sync/

When I add a new folder to be synced from my Mac by clicking Add Folder, then for Folder Label I enter “pictures”, for Folder Id I leave the supplied value “j7vkl-jmrwp”, and for Folder Path I leave the supplied value “/Users/chris/sync/pictures”.

THEN, INSTEAD OF CLICKING SAVE right away, I click on the next tab Sharing, select the Linux droplet, and only then proceed with clicking the Save button.

I would expect the new folder to be created on the Linux droplet as ‘/home/chris/sync/pictures’. Instead, the new folder shows up in the filesystem as ‘/home/chris/sync/j7vkl-jmrwp’! Am I missing something? Surely that’s not the expected behaviour?

One interesting note, if I first add the folder, click save, wait for the folder status to show “Unshared”, and THEN go back to edit that folder, click the Sharing tab, select the Linux droplet, and press the Save button…the folder that is created on the Linux droplet is called ‘/home/chris/sync/pictures’ - as expected.

So it would seem that first Adding the folder in one step, then Sharing that folder in another step gives the right result, but doing both in a single step doesn’t.

Can anyone confirm that this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Chris

What the directory name will be for an auto-accepted (you didn’t mention it specifically, but the description sounds like it) folder depends on what’s already on disk. If a directory with the folder label already exists a new folder with the folder id is created. Reason is, that we don’t want to auto-create a shared folder on existing data (maybe you don’t want to share that). So when you do your experiment, please check those directories beforehand to make sure that isn’t a factor.

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Thanks Simon. You’re right I am using auto-accepted folders. I just tried again, making sure to remove the directory from the other device, and this time the name was created correctly. I’ll double-check this going forward and will post back if it happens again, but likely you’re right that this is the cause.

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