newbie question about Global State

I’ve just installed Syncthing on two windows machines and a linux server. I’m syncing a few folders between the three machines.

I noticed that some folders do not show the same ‘Global State’. E.g my ‘desktop’ folder shows 1123 files on one of my windows machines and 1183 files on my linux server.

Could this be normal behavior? I was under the impression that all three machines would - after syncing - have the same number of files in the shared directories.

Or do I see that wrong ?

Unless you have ignore patterns they should ideally be the same

I do have ignore patterns. But they are the same for all of them.

Even if you have ignore patterns, global states should match. Are you on 1.3.4? One problem fixed in 1.4.0 can result in incorrect global states.

Yes, I’m on 1.3.4 Not sure how I can try 1.4.0

I did do a check with rsync to figure out the differences between the directories. It didn’t show any differences between the directories.

So I guess that it is indeed a reporting issue, not a sync issue.

It’s in the release candidate track for now, but the final release shouldn’t be too far away (hopefully).

For the moment I’m happy with the syncing. So, I’ll wait for the next release to check again …

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