Question about Global State, nodes disagree

Similar question was posted but closed — I understand version 1.3.4 might have some kind of issue that’s already been corrected… newbie question about Global State - #4 by imsodin imsodin / SimonSyncthing Maintainer / Mar 2020 / Even if you have ignore patterns, global states should match. Are you on 1.3.4? One problem fixed in 1.4.0 can result in incorrect global states.

I have this issue at the moment – and unclear how to resolve, Synology software version is currently at v 1.3.4, so maybe my issue is related… wondering there a new version, planned – or wondering if there is another kind work around? For reference I’m using latest v1.13.1 on a Mac, and latest v.1.3.4 on Synology

I’m guessing the root cause is a file being ignored was also deleted maybe and now the count is off? Is there a way to get the data/database back in sync?

I’m just starting to evaluate Syncthing, so far so good! as far as I can tell files are in sync … but would be more comfortable if the “global” stats lined-up as that should really match on each node "I know about 123 files… versus “I know about 128 files??”

Maybe Synology revision just needs to publish an update and maybe that’s on Synology, not sure who drives that.

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