New Synology DSM 7 | Syncthing package for Synology NAS

T connect to the above issue, from the Synology development I got the follow message:

Hi Andreas,

May I know if all's going well for DSM7.0's package development?

In addition, it's reflected by some of our users that the current version of Syncthing in our Package Center seems to wrongly write files constantly and excessively into system partition, which leads to DSM upgrade failures due to Syncthing taking up all remaining storage space in the system partition.

This problem occurs when:

1. Attach USB and generate USBshare.

2. Use 3rd-party backup package "Syncthing".

3. Remove USB device.

4. After unmounting the usbshare, "Syncthing" still writes data into the original path. ( **/volumeUSB1/usbshare1-1/** )

Please let us know if there's any recommended solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, due to internal organisational adjustments, please allow me to introduce Vanessa, our new contact window for 3rd-Party integration matters.

She will be taking over from now on and assist you with all future procedures.

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,

Charles Shih

Product Specialist
+886-2-2955-1814 #8802
**Syno** logy Inc.

If “they” (whoever that really is in the end) have a problem they can come talk to us here on the forum to get help like everyone else. Doing support through possibly multiple intermediaries is definitely a show-stopper.