migrating from kastelo to docker version under DSM7

I am using a synology NAS and I am trying to migrate from the kastelo Syncthing version to the docker version, but I need some help pulling it off. Here are my questions:

  1. I have the folder “Syncthing-data” of the old version as a shared folder - I assume I can use configuration and database in the docker version and so I don’t have to re-configure and resync everything?

  1. I gave it a shot with the linuxserver docker image: Docker Hub - which environmental variable or path do I have to modify to point to a new config folder, e.g. under /docker/Syncthing/config?

  2. As stated in the linuxserver manual, and related to this comment by Andy from this post:

What are the directories “data1” and “data2” for - is this where my synced files will be stored? I want them to remain in my shared folders, as it was before, so the purpose of those folders is not clear to me - yet they are mentioned in most manuals…

I don’t know the LinuxServer image nor what data1 and data2 are supposed to be. Our Docker image expects the config & database under /var/syncthing/config (in the container), and then you map folders to paths as usual – taking care to have the corresponding volume mounts in place so the container can access the files in question.

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using the syncthing image now, and after mountig that old config folder to /var/synthing everything works fine - amazingly simple after all

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forgot to ask: given that I changed images (kastelo → syncthing-docker) and versions (1.18.* → 1.19.*), is there a data scrubbing option, consistency checks or any other type of database maintenance tool or checks that I should use now?

Not really. Syncthing doesn’t scrub your data for you, and the database is consistency checked “on demand” (in actuality, when an error is detected, or every month or so). You can run (once) with --debug-db-recheck-interval=1m or so (check the database once every minute; will cause a check on startup) to force a database check if you want.

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