Moving default Sync folder to another drive

Loving me some Syncthing!

Posting this for those who find themselves in this position.

I recently had the need to move the default Sync to another drive because I had run out of space on my Odroid 8 gig SD card. I moved all the files from ~/Sync to an external hard-drive with the same name and made a symbolic link to the new folder.

I was immediately presented with the “stopping folder path exists but folder marker missing” error message.

Everything quit syncing.

The fix was to create a “.stfolder” in the new folder on the external drive. Then restart all instances of syncthing on the devices using it.

Hope this helps someone.

Just to add: “.stfolder” is an empty file.

Another approach, instead of the symlink, would be;

  1. Shut down syncthing.
  2. Move the folder where ever you like, including the .stfolder marker (or you need to create that again, as you discovered).
  3. Edit the folder path in the config.xml directly.
  4. Start syncthing.

The index that is kept per folder is keyed on folder ID, not path, so this is relatively safe.


That is not by any means User friendly.

Why not have the feature in the GUI?

Please don’t resurrect year-old threads :smile: Instead, open a new thread (which you did anyway).