Moving a Syncthing install on Synology without having to set up all the remote devices again

I have Syncthing running on a Synology NAS. I need to wipe and restore the NAS, but I can’t find the .config directory in order to backup my configuration.

Does anyone know where it is so I can back it up and restore it afterwards? it’s not in /usr/local/syncthing/* it’s not in /volume1/@appstore/syncthing/*

Not sure where else to look

neither locate or find are available when ssh’d into the Synology (DSM6) so that easy answer is not available

On other Linux distributions that have used the config files needed to move the node are located in “/home/user/.config/syncthing/”

So would look for “/home/user/.config” first and if that does not exist try looking for “.config” somewhere. Also double check that hidden files are visible if looking at file system through some sort of GUI.

AFAIK, user directories are somewhere in /volume1 on DSM, but not inside @appstore.

Can’t you check /etc/passwd for the home dir of the user?

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user diractories are in /volume1/homes. There is no syncthing user directory

Can’t you check /etc/passwd for the home dir of the user?

Good idea, but no nano or pico. Must. use. VI.


which does contain config.xml.

in the meantime, I’ve also found /volume1/@appstore/syncthing/var also contains all the config files. Is it a symlink???

Getting somewhere

(also, if you are looking on a synology, use ‘find’ but first elevate to root (sudo -i) and you must include the basepath and -name directive. which finds it in /usr/local/syncthing/var but does not find it in /Volume1/@appstore/syncthing/var. Despite it being in the list if you scroll up (/volume1/@appstore/syncthing/var/config.xml) it ends with “find: `config.xml’: No such file or directory”

So I know what to manually copy. Hopefully this works

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Hi, May I ask a single question : I have to guide someone to install syncthing on a Syn DS215+. What is the best way to do this ? (Because I don’t use a Syn but a Qnap). Is there an app center available ? Or should he use the tar.gz ? Thanks ! (And sorry for interrupting, but I needed a Syn expert :wink: ) I’ve found this : How to install Syncthing (arm release) on Synology? and this : Need your help - Syncthing installation on Synology DS218+ But I 'm afraid it could be out of date or not valid for a 215+.

You have to add the 3rd party Synocommunity repository. It will be available as a package installer there

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