modified but not rescaned. will try later... again

There is a recent post closed. It was published with v0.14.40 version.

The last message sais to wait the new version that will fix the error.

I was experiencing this issue since v0.14.43, now I am using v0.14.44 and I have the same error in all my windows servers, with diferent files in diferent folders. I already have 2 linux servers that are up to date.

In all windows servers I have this message at the dashboard with diferent files numbers. |Out of Sync Items|38 items, ~9.51 MiB| |Failed Items|38 items|

Looking at Failed items. For each file: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

I have 7 servers with 25.000 folders and 640.000 files. I think that change manualy file by file is not the correct solution.

Anything particular about those 38 files? Screenshot?

Also mandatory point as you have both windows and linux devices in the same cluster: Did you check the affected paths for case only differences? E.g. device A has /foo/bar/baz and device B /foo/Bar/baz. That badly confuses a windows node and you will need to rename the affected file/dir to resolve the problem.

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… and by “renaming”, that means to something entirely different (not just differing in letter case), letting it sync, and then renaming it back to what you want it to actually be called.

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Sorry, its a case sensitive problem.

I need to remove all windows servers!!

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