finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

Coming from Symlinks as folder root broken on Windows · Issue #4353 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub, I installed v0.14.40-rc.4.

I removed my synced folder and added it again. I constantly get following output:

finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

However, the file named is not modified on either side.

Renaming the file on the sending side solved the issue for me.

If the case of the foldee changed, this could happen.

i have the same problem. Is new version fix this?

Same problem here as well. Unfortunately I have over 692 files in one directory that have the error message, so renaming that many files is not an option for me. The strange thing is that I have three other Syncthing servers that are synchronized with the same folder and those three servers are all showing up to date.

You can try renaming the directory.

Thanks I had not thought of that. Would I also need to change the shared folder path to match the new name?

Not sure I understand. If all the files within some subdirectory in a folder, then you can rename the subdirectory. If they are at the root of the folder, or scattered, you might want to upgrade to the latest rc which should have this bug fixed.

I am sharing the root folder which is named HBT Service, however, the problem files are in multiple folders which are sub folders inside the HBT Service folder. There are 109,208 files and 15,175 folders inside the HBT Service folder. I am using SyncTrayzor and do not see an option to install the RC versions. I may have to just wait until the 28th when the RC is officially released. These are production machines with 3.7 million files being synchronized, and the root synchronized folders are mapped to about 100 employees. I am afraid to experiment too much.

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