minimalistic mindset

disclaimer: here’s a thought that came to me after getting the dreaded inotify issue, once again (although this time on a linux server).

the message says;

Please increase inotify limits

but i now think it should say, instead:

please beware of inotify limits

because increasing isn’t the only solution, nor should it be recommended.

most likely, in all my cases, i can and should reduce the amount of folders (and files) i have.

what you guys think?

Maybe “consider increasing”? While I agree with what you’re saying I think I would be annoyed at sync a tool implying I had too much usless data and should remove some of it. :slight_smile:

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how about?

consider inotify limits

Just considering the limit doesn’t solve the problem, though… Maybe “consider increasing the inotify limits or reducing the amount of watched items” or something like that?


that sure works for me!

i was trying to be hyper minimalistic like the original sentence. but sometimes we just have to be verbose.

also, only considering the limits could be enough to help deciding how to solve it… the message is not about awareness and most likely in no case it will be enough by itself.

but that also brings me to another idea…

how about an internal database that randomises or cycle through the current limit?

it’s kind of a compromise, and not really applying the mini mindset, but it could be a wanted feature (for android, for instance).

not really a feature i care for, though.

i rather have a daisy disk for linux. :kissing_heart: