Mesh networking app for Syncthing in China

This post is a follow up to this post which mentions a solution for running syncthing in China. Can anyone advise what kind of networking tool can be used to ensure that Syncthing nodes can connect to each other?

As of now, I am running ST on two devices on the same LAN. The devices can see each other, but shared folders do not sync. See attached screenshot for the status of both devices (macOS & iOS running Mobiussync).

I currently use a shadowsocks proxy tool to access websites & apps that are typically blocked in China. This works great for pretty much everything I need but still ST is not working.

Appreciate any support / sharing on this topic.

You need to share the folders between the devices. Checkboxes in the device or folder settings dialogs.

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Ha amazing. And I was thinking it was a China thing…

Thank you.

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