How to avoid joining an inaccessible relay

In Shanghai, a relay would be selected

[CCKOM] 2023/09/06 10:13:25 INFO: Joined relay relay://

However, this relay is not accessible from anywhere in China (red for timeout), see 多个地点ping[]服务器,网站测速,站长工具.

As a result, Syncthing relays can not help with connecting WAN nodes, is this expected?

I don’t think there’s any reasonable way to guarantee end-to-end connectivity. Your best bet might be a VPN.

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Oh that is sad, but what I seek is whether Syncthing could turn to other accessible instead, since it is stuck on retrying connections to this relay forever, without attempting other relays.

That should happen, because the other side should register with a relay and publish that address.

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If the problem persists, I agree with bt90, you can always use a free mesh style network app that creates a virtual private LAN over the Internet. Then, the sync becomes a direct ip peer to peer sync.

I use this method on my cell phone to remotely sync with my PC at home.

Fairly off-topic but since it’s been mentioned twice now;

We seem to be talking in the context of China here. Pointing towards VPN-solutions may be a bit tricky and should only be considered while exercising a decent level of caution.

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You could also configure a relay on both sides that is reachable.

Yes. Always be careful.

The solution I use provides an encrypted tunnel only it’s not a conventional VPN product that masks your primary IP address. It merely gives you an additional private IP address just for Syncthing. Regular traffic is unaffected and unencrypted as normal.

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