Meaning of the number in circle icon in Syncthing-Fork

What does the number in the circle icon at the top of Android Syncthing-Fork GUI mean?

I started using syncthing only a couple of days ago, and I wish you could kindly teach me about the application. I am synchronizing folders between an Ubuntu computer and an Android phone.

I realized that this icon, saying 3 in a gray circle with a bit of green arc, appeared at some point. The same icon says 72 in this screenshot of syncthing-android github repo.

In the DEVICES tab, next to the computer name, it says “Syncing (3%)”. Is this related to the number 3 in the icon? (Does it mean synchronization is incomplete?)

In the FOLDERS tab, all the shared folders are marked “Up to Date”. Also, the files are indeed synchronized as intended.

For one folder, I set option ‘Send Only’ on Android and ‘Ignore Delete’ on Ubuntu. After that, I actually deleted one file on Android. So, there is discrepancy between the devices, but this is what I expect.


Syncthing Fork calculates remote device’s completion in percent and local folder’s completion in percent. If everything is fully synced, you will see the top overall status in the circle 100%, which applies to all currently connected devices and their folders. That is because Syncthing does not know " how much offline devices have completed sending/receiving their files", that is by design. If you do not see 100% , something is “out of sync” , e.g. your ignored deletions.

Thank you for your reply. I see. I wonder if you could kindly clarify the following points.

  1. Am I right to interpret your last sentence as following? The discrepancy resulting from deleting a file on one device (A) and setting ‘Ignore Delete’ on another device (B) is regarded as “out of sync” status and reduces the sync percentage from 100. The ‘Ignore Delete’ option setting (or more summarized data about local file tree) on B is sent back to A.

  2. If the sync percentage is 0, what does it mean? After posting the question, I did a little more operation (adding a file and deleting it) on the Android phone, and the number became 0, and the DEVICES section says ‘Syncing (0 %)’. Does it mean the two devices are ‘completely out of sync’ in some sense? Perhaps the last operation of deleting a file on the phone caused no change on the computer due to ‘Ignore Delete’, and that’s regarded as 0 percent of ‘the latest change event’ was propagated from the phone to computer?

  3. How is the “Up to Date” indicator above the folder icons in the FOLDERS tab (and in the Folders section of Web GUI on a computer) related to this sync percentage? Does it mean that there is no change to propagate taking into account the ‘Ignore Delete’ option (and other options) while the sync percentage does take it into account?

Hi, in relation to ignoreDelete in general.

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