Manually Configure Device ID?


I suspect I already know the answer to this - but I’ll ask just in case I’m wrong…

Is it possible to manually set the ID of a device?

I recently lost the configuration folder for a machine, so I need to re-set it up. Ideally I would like to manually set the device ID to its previous ID, rather than having to re-pair all the other devices in the cluster with a new ID.

Looking at the documentation, it appears the device ID is derived from the certificate pair - so I’m not going to be able to manually configure it.

Is that right?

Many thanks!

Yeah, that is impossible. You may want to also check

For the repairing with a lot of devices, you could perhaps use

Thanks @tomasz86 - I didn’t find that thread!

Kinda glad to have my thoughts confirmed; unfortunately I can’t use the introducer in this cluster (some folders are only shared with some devices…) - but it’s not going to be a complete pain, as I have most of the configuration details documented elsewhere.

In future, consider having Syncthing sync its own config to a trusted machine. At least if it goes BSOD or HDD/SSD dies the config is recoverable. See:

Be sure to keep those files secure or anyone else can impersonate you/your server.

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