My syncthing device id changed after a BSOD, config lost

Hi, So I’m actually trying syncthing on my computers and phone. (1 Windows 8.1, 1 ubuntu 14.04, 1 rasbian as a link to an old NAS and 1 android kitkat) It was working quite well until a crash on my windows, the blue one. I reboot and reload the GUI but the ID has changed and the config was reset. I tried to reboot as mentioned on My syncthing device id changed, folders lost but same new config and ID. same problem. No change on the other devices.

I found config.xml at %localappdata%/Syncthing and curiously, the folder and ID is still in there.

Is it possible that syncthing have change or move his config file somewhere else? How can I switch back to the original config I had? I could re-setup everything but could be nice to know how to avoid that.

thanks a lot.

The ID does not come from the config but the key.pem and cert.pem files next to the config. If they got removed/corrupt there is nothing you can do.

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how, ok. I understand. But then if I manage to copy/paste settings from the old config.xml, or maybe save the new one I’ll make + key/cert.pem somewhere else as backup. If it appends again, I should be safe, isn’t it?

last question. Why do I read setting about the old setup in the config.xml but it’s not used in the gui? Anyway, it’s seems I should better start from fresh.

Thank you.

Sorry, but I don’t understand either of your questions.

sorry, english is not my first language. don’t worry, I don’t know how to explain better than that but i will try and i will get my answer.

thanks anyway.

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