Make synchro working back after update syncthing-macos Syncthing v 1.18.5-2


  • Comp1: MacMini5,2 / MacOSX 10.13
  • Comp2: MacBookPro7,1 / MacOSX 10.13
  • Syncthing conf : throw local WiFi (NAT translation and Local discovery are checked not Global discovery nor Relay)

Situation : After Syncthing-macos automatic update to Syncthing v 1.18.5-2 (Release Minor improvements · syncthing/syncthing-macos · GitHub) - Syncthing on both computers show “Running (Offline)”.

Diagnostics on Comp1 and Comp2 :

  • Pb1 : API keys differs between Settings and Preferences
  • Pb2 : Devices remain disconnected (even after Pb1 was solved)

Actions to solve :

  • Pb1 : Copy/paste API Key from Settings to Preference / reboot the computers.
  • Pb2 : Authorize Syncthing in macosx firewall rules
    • More info : search for “Devices remain disconnected, need help debugging.” on this forum

Thank you.

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