Mac OS 10.6.8 32 bit crash, v0.14.41

I have a test machine running OS X 10.6.8

I clicked the button “Upgrade to 0.14.41” and the thing stayed there after restart. It looks like the 32-bit mac build for 0.14.41 crashes soon after startup with “illegal instruction” IIRC.

Version 0.14.40 works fine.

Do you want more info? (tell me how)

I suspect this is an effect of the new build setup required for filesystem notifications. The Go compiler/runtime officially only supports Mac OS 10.8 and newer, you may have reached end of life on that OS for our Syncthing builds.

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Ach so. No problem for me, I don’t use this machine much if at all.


Hi there! I have the same issue. Is there any way to fix it? We have two old mac pros which can’t run the newer version.

Should I just return to the older one for all computers? We have old macs, new macs, windows and linux machines sharing data on syncthing.


You should update your OS.

Yea, I would love too, but it’s already on the latest supported OS…

Staying on the snippy side: Ditch apple if you intend to use your device for a long time.

On the (hopefully) helpful side: Staying on an older Syncthing release should be fine (while obviously not optimal). I wouldn’t use 0.14.40, it has some connection related problems, but 0.14.39 seems fine. Or you go with 0.14.37, a lot of debian testing users are “stuck” with that for quite some time already and don’t seem to complain.

And regarding non-macs: As long as there is no breaking change (update in the x or y numbers in the x.y.z version) I don’t see any reasons to not update them.

How I would love to ditch Apple, sadly, this is not my computer, it’s work related and we need those old computer with some old software running on it.

Also, budget wise, changing two computer doesn’t come cheap and the time to rebuild the sync properly is probably a full day of work.

My go to solution was using 0.14.40/0.14.39 and see if there is any fix in the future.

I guess my main question is, is the issue going to be “understood/found” and if yes, do you think you might fix it for old macs or not?

The Go team has made a decision to support “macOS 10.8 or later”. It isn’t an issue in that sense – it’s a deliberate decision by the team, probably based on the amount of additional effort it would take to support earlier macOS versions, balanced against the number of people using them.

Ok, thanks for the fast answers. I’ll keep an earlier version for those macs and hopefully, change them for windows or linux machine on the long run.

Great work btw, love syncthing!

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Syncthing can be built without linking to the system libraries; CGO_ENABLED=0 go run build.go should produce a Mac binary that still works on older OS. We just can’t do that for the official binaries any more because we need the system libraries to get support for filesystem notifications, and I don’t want to distribute two different Mac binaries.

Or, well, we could do that for the darwin-386 binary that noone uses except on oldcrap systems (sorry; technical term) and live with the lack of feature parity… It would just be postponing the inevitable death sentence for a while, but maybe that’s worth it.

32 bit only Macs are minimum ten years old at this point anyway.

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You’ve similarly indicted me for not having the newest of everything. Please try to be understanding. Not everybody is in a position to solve every problem with “buy newest hardware and buy newest OS”. I find that newest and best solves some prior problems. It usually introduces a whole other set of problems.

Why are you bringing month old threads from dead? We already had this discussion and I’ve explained that we have to give up features for everyone else to support an old OS.


I think threads time out (close) after 30 days and I think this thread was only 25 days old. What struck me is that a different OP, with no connection to me, had very similar concerns. Your brevity comes across harsh. One might assume that if getting the newest computer and newest OS and newest software version was an option, the OP would have already done that.

There are many issues to balance when deciding on what path software should be developed. Whatever answer you and a few others decide is what the users receive. I know anything is more than what the users had before your effort. I hope you find room to hear what at least some of the users hope for.

Lots can be fixed with “buy and use new”. There are, however, other legitimate perspectives and that subtlety just seems to get lost sometimes.

You already have a thread about this issue. Bringing up old threads about the same issue doesn’t make the issue more relevant or suddenly make us change our stance on it. It just makes me personally more annoyed.


You seem to believe that I started the same topic over again. I did not. Instead, someone else brought up the same concern I had prior expressed.

I could tell you were annoyed because you shut down the OP with an unexpected curt reply compared to other respondents. “You should upgrade your OS” doesn’t offer technical assistance or information, it just chases people away. When I see the original post, it actually appears that the user was trying to give you helpful information. He ended the post asking if you needed any more information.

You’re the developer. You get to do what you want so you don’t have to defend anything if you don’t want to. At the same time, I’m a user, getting some benefit from your work. So I’m trying to give back what value I can in the form of feedback. I think that’s what the other poster was trying to do, also.

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Ok guys, enough of this. Stick to the topic, in one thread at a time.

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