Syncthing v0.14.41



  • #623: Devices with ignored files stay “syncing” forever
  • #4418: No Global Discovery without Sync Protocol Listen Address
  • #4421: Local network classification doesn’t always work
  • #4458: Hashed GUI password should not be rehashed
  • #4504: Pulls not triggered correctly on reconnection
  • #4505: Symlink/file replacement doesn’t work properly
  • #4506: File/dir replacement doesn’t work properly
  • #4510: Logging at info level and above should always include context
  • #4537: Panic in “pfilter” package on 32 bit architectures


  • #1126: Allow syncing read-only directories as “Master Folders”
  • #4326: “Global Changes” button is confusing, retitle to “Recent Changes”
  • #4456: Dial device addresses in parallel
  • #4519: Avoid lots and lots of announced addresses in the presence of symmetric NAT

Other issues:

  • #4463: Split transport usage reporting per stack

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