Local and global state totally wrong on one device out of sync

I have out of sync issue on one of my folders that is very similar to the problem mentioned on the following post. However, I am hoping I don’t need to remove the target machine’s folder completely and resync everything since the folder is very large. It would take a day for the 2 folders to completely sync from scratch. Are there other ways to fix the “local and global state totally wrong” issue?

A bit more details about how I got to this error: I created a sync between folders on 3 different machines using syncthing. After syncing, I removed the sync on machine 2. Later, after sometime of use, I would like to sync up the folder on machine 2 with previously synced folder on machine 1 again, because that folder has changed. However, after re-adding the folder using sync thing, the local state and global state on machine 2 becomes in consistent with the real stats. For instance, there are actually 8 files and 2 folders inside the folder on machine 1, but syncthing on machine 2 thinks there are 14 files and 4 folders on machine 1 for the global state, and then for the local state it thinks there are 8 files and 2 folders locally, and as a result, it still thinks the 2 machines are out of sync even after syncing is completed. Removing and re-adding the folder a few times through syncthing without removing the folder locally would cause the local and global state to keep adding up (from 2 folders to 4 folders to 8 folders etc) every time I re-add it.

I’ve experienced this bug where folder’s global and local states get doubled for some reason. This happens in the moment of adding the folder, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue reliably.

Normally, the solution is to remove the folder, which reports the broken state, from Syncthing, then add it again. You don’t need to delete the actual files from the disk when doing so.

Just to confirm, are you running the newest version of Syncthing (which is v1.27.5 at the moment)?

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