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hi guys!

so far I bought a little vserver package to use syncthing for syncing my mp3s :smile:


I’m using too in order to share my uploaded files… Is there a easy to use possibility to share my uploaded files? Some year ago, I developed a php-sharescript ( but honestly: It would be to difficult to change it for sharing files…


This was already discussed at github and in this forum. TLDR: syncthing probaply wont’t get that feature. To share the files via URL, use a web server and a webapp.

I think this feature could be essentiel and make the difference between a nerdy sync-tool and a useful cloud solution. what should I install owncloud for, when using syncthing?

To get functionality not provided by Syncthing, for one. :wink:

(Yes, tongue-in-cheek, sorry, but as noted this is not exactly at the top of the todo list.)

that’s sad :sob:

My user level is a bit more advanced than the every day joe. I came across Syncthing while looking for a Dropbox alternative. Syncthing does half of the job (syncing), but not (sharing).

Then, I came upon Resilio. Resilio can share an individual file with strangers, but it requires those strangers to install Resilio Sync, which is not what I am looking for.

I also came upon Seafile. But due to my current setup, I am prevented by macOS from installing VMware remotely on a mac mini, which has local access to the files.

So, I returned to Syncthing.

At the moment, Syncthing works like iCloud… as a syncing tool for all your devices. However, this also means that it shares iCloud’s biggest weaknesses. In particular, I cannot easily share one file with a stranger.

Since the files synced with Syncthing are already available outside (technically) and they require a computer to always be on to do this (like a server), a feature to share individual files fits naturally into this kind of software.

I would be able to share a file from the drive without having to keep my laptop open (if I were using a web browser). And the stranger could download the file at his/her convenience (since there is a computer always on).

I use syncthing on a nas which is the only “read only” device of my cluster. Every night, I sync my nas directory to a file server on internet. There from I get the link whenever I need to share one file or subdirectory. It’s a way to backup Syncthing too.

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Given that this only works if a user has an always on computer, and given that Syncthing does not require an always on computer for any other reason, this seems like it would be a problem that the main Syncthing project is not suitable for solving on its own.

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