Is SyncTrayzor / Syncthing-GTK abandoned wares?

Does anyone knows the status of SyncTrayzor / Syncthing-GTK? is it abandoned?

I can see from the github page that both last commit was over a year ago. I need to plan for migration if both has been abandoned.

though i don’t necessary need them, i just want them for notifications purposes, and quick glaces at logs(SyncTrayzor).

There is some activity in forks of Syncthing-GTK regarding migration to Python 3. The original project seems quite dead but still works if you have Python 2 ready.

SyncTrayzor probably just didn’t need any changes because it uses the web GUI and needs little adaptation otherwise.

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If you have not already, you may also want to check Yet another Syncthing Tray. It is actively developed and has the two features that you need.

With full disclosure, this is also the one that I use :smirk:, also mainly for the tray icon, just to be able to visually check whether Syncthing is running or not.

Thanks, i will try it

true, but minor releases give me a sense of comfort :grin: if not actively maintained, its a sign of being abandoned. as a data hoarder unmaintained app are one of the source of my pains, as i can lead to data loss.

Better to prep for that eventuality and start testing other alternative.

SyncTrayzor’s still going, but it’s reached the point where there are so many users on so many (slightly different) systems, that any update brings a slew of people who found something broken, often in one of the dependencies (primarily the embedded browser), so I end up doing 10x user support and debugging users’ weird and wonderful setups to 1x actual development.

That stopped being fun a long time ago, so I very much follow a light touch these days.


I wonder if a way around this (for you, or for somebody else) might be to create a wrapper app like syncthing-macOS that provides the tray icon, and autostart at login, but not a lot else. Then it doesn’t require so many dependencies but gives something just a bit more than a basic syncthing install. Of course, I wish I had time and skills to do it myself! but alas…

Just for the record, SyncTrayzor has just been updated very recently.

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That is what all of the Syncthing wrappers start out as. Then users start asking for things…

Go grab an early version of any of the wrappers if you want this.