Is syncthing-android for 0.11 available for testing?

There’s no release on github but I remember reading somewhere that there was an APK available. Looked everywhere here and github but couldn’t find it again.

Try !! unofficial build based on

Thanks, @Zillode !

Should I first uninstall 0.5.28 ?

No, it installs as a separate app (you do need to reconfigure devices etc). Only use this for testing because the main app will update when the code is ready.

Thanks for shedding light, @Zillode

Just installed 0.11. Excellent first impressions:

  • The interface looks more polished, elegant
  • Fantastic new option Open Log: no more logcat now !
  • Very useful new option Reset Database
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Hey, @Zillode, how do we know when you release a new beta apk ?

@marcelpaulo: I’ve uploaded new apks to based on Syncthing v0.11.0.

You’ll need to export the config (settings->export) of the beta version and import it for this version. Note that these are unofficial builds that I provide until @Nutomic decides to merge (and tweak if needed) the PR in


Great news, @Zillode ! Will test it right away.

I had done it before I downgraded to 0.10. I’m keeping 2 sets of configs, one for 0.10, another for 0.11, so I can switch back and forth as needed. For now, I’m running 0.10, but will upgrade to 0.11 whenever you release a new APK for testing.

@Zillode, I’ve just updated issue 362 with my results :frowning:

EDIT: Downgrading to 0.5.28 was really painless: uninstall the apk, reinstall 0.5.28, import the config.

Thanks for the downgrade feedback.

I’ve released a new apk to the same url

Wow, that was quick, thanks a lot, @Zillode. Generating the keys as I write. logcatting since the very beginning. Will post the results to 362.

@Zillode, did your latest batch of changes also handled issue 363 ? I’m wondering whether I should test for it.

Good and bad news.

Good first: issue 363 can’t be reproduced anymore.

Bad news: CPU usage didn’t scale well after I finished my setup. 2 devices, 7 folders, and 17 files as of now, caused the CPU to go up to 17—20%. Results updated on issue 362.

@Zillode: when @Nutomic releases the official app, will we be able to upgrade from your apk? Or we wlll have to go through the uninstall-reinstall cycle (with new keys)?

(I am asking to know what to expect so that I can prevent myself from doing something silly like I just did when installing your apk :slight_smile: ).

You can use the export and import feature in the settings menu. This backs up your config.xml (containing your folders and devices) and your syncthing key.

Hummm…, but I did that when installing the new apk. I exported from the previous one, uninstalled, installed the new, launched, and imported. But it still generated a new key (as I imported the config.xml after it launched). How should I have done it?

It generates a new http key, not a syncthing device key. This means you’ll need to wait for a few seconds, but you won’t need to re-add the device id on other devices.

I must have done something wrong, then, because the new apk did generate a new syncthing device key (in fact this apk did, but so did the “silk client”). Well, not a big deal now since the devices are synced again.

Sorry, I’ll try to be completely clear: if you reinstall the apk it will regenerate a syncthing key and webgui key. If you then import an existing configuration, the app will restart. After restarting, it will use the imported device key and generate a new webgui key.

Sorry for being slow but … I did import the config.xml, and the directories and device IDs of the other machines were imported OK. But the device ID of the android device changed. Thinking about what I did, I guess that is because the cert.pem and key.pem were not in the same directory where the imported config.xml was taken from? So the right way to do it is to place config.xml, key.pem and cert.pem, all three of them, in the same directory and then do the import?