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Newbie here, tired of proprietary sync tools that do not deliver.

How do I fix Invalid cross-device link errors?

I’ve set up a folder for Syncthing to keep track of (Mac OS). In it, there’s a file which is a package (a file directory that is displayed by Finder as if it were a single file). Whenever the mac OS app updates that file, I get failed items with the error Invalid cross-device link that I can’t force to update.

### Folders

|Folder ID|default|
| --- | --- |
|Folder Path|/home/pi/Sync|
|Global State|115   16   ~24.3 MiB|
|Local State|115   16   ~24.3 MiB|
|Out of Sync Items|[2 items, ~23.3 MiB](http://soul:8384/)|
**|Failed Items|[2 items](http://soul:8384/)|**
|Rescans|1h   Enabled|
|File Versioning|Staggered File Versioning|
|Shared With|iMac|
|Last Scan|2018-11-20 05:53:16|
|Latest Change|Updated .DS_Store|

Update - If I change from this versioning method to the simple, the error doesn’t show up anymore

Did you point the version directory outside of the share? If yes, and its a different physical device, it won’t work.

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That solved it quickly… thanks.

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