Ignore large files

Can I somehow set syncthing to skip files of a specified size?

Hi, I don’t think that’s currently possible. Could you make a big size folder and ignore that?

Perhaps :wink: - But I don’t know how I should get the Android device to autosort large files (from the cemera folder) to a large files folders

In the camera folder there are only 2 types of files:

  • mostly small pictures
  • mostly large videos

So why not just ignore *.mp4?

I have thought about that - But I like to have some of the small videos synced too

Ignoring based on file metadata becomes weird and complex and I’m strongly biased against implementing it.

Consider a file that is just at the boundary between being ignored and not, and is updated now and then on two sides. Sometimes it’s ignored on one device, sometimes on the other, sometimes we ignore updates from the other side and sometimes we don’t. What does it mean if our ignore cutoff is 10 MB, the file is currently 9 MB, and the other side sends an update at 11 MB – do we ignore that update but continue syncing the file with other devices? Do we sync the update and then ignore the file? What about if it shrinks again? And so on. I wouldn’t look forward to trying to explain this behavior to someone.

There’s a similar argument here:

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