Ignore files older/younger than date

I am using synchting between two android devices. For a specific folder i would like to write an ignore config so that only files older than a certain number of days are synchronized. Is this currently possible or maybe a future ability? Thanks

No, sorry, name based only.

Thanks for the lightening fast reply. Is there a place to submit feature requests? For archival storage on slow media it would be perfect to have date based rules. This would also allow recent files younger than a certain date to be kept on faster (more expensive) storage

This has already been proposed multiple times (and rejected). I’d suggest to write a script that would simply add those older files to the ignore patterns automatically, and then set it to run periodically.

The types of files im using it for currently are small and numerous so a script could work but wouldn’t be as robust or elegant as a date filter.

As a new user I wasn’t aware this had been previously discussed. However if people are still showing a desire for such a feature I hope the development team would give it a second consideration. It could be implemented in the gui rather than the ignore file if that makes a difference

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Yeah, you should be able to find all the older topics if you search the forum for “ignore date”. I wouldn’t have hopes to have this implemented personally :wink:.

When it comes to the script though, a possibly clean approach could be to include only younger files and ignore everything else, e.g.


and so on. A possible problem with this approach is that when one of those included files becomes “old”, there is no simple way to delete it on remote devices only while also keeping a local copy.

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