Filter files by properties like size, age etc.

Continuing the discussion from Excluding files from synchronization (ignoring):

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It’s nothing I’ve planned. In general, I think the ignore / selective sync system needs to be made simpler and not extended, so I’m doubtful this kind of filtering is a good idea…

resurecting an old thread here, but I think this can be useful in many cases. For example, I sync a series of images across servers. Due to an error, numerous rogue 4k video got into one of the nodes consisting of hundreds of GB. Having a filter that says, no larger than 20MB would be helpful in preventing this from replicating as well as having the side effect of alerting the admin due to the discrepency in size with ignore patterns.

I think the maintainers still agree its scope creep, hence not likely to happen.

I think I’ve argued against this type of functionality quite a few times here by now yes.