I need urgent help: revert file to previous version

I have click on the wrong version of the file I wanted to keep, in the “resolve conflict” window, and now I don’t know how to get that file back. My windows doesn’t have a “previous version” of the folder, and I don’t know if synctrayzor keeps track of the versions of the file.

I REALLY need that version of the file, and currently I can only see the “recent changes” window, and says that it was deleted, but I have no access. please help!

Maybe someone else will have an idea, but I doubt its possible. The only think you could have done after you clicked on a wrong button was to immediately disconnect the device with the correct version of the file, and hope that the change didn’t propagate there.

Also, the Syncthing folders offer “versioning”, but you probably didn’t have it enabled, did you?

In general, Syncthing is not a backuping solution. Any mistake immediately propagates to all parties. Hence, you have to have a proper backup set up on (at least) one of the connected devices, with versioning. But maybe not even this would help you in your current situation (i.e. after resolving a conflict incorrectly).

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And to avoid confusion

That versioning must not be only Syncthing versioning. Syncthing’s versioning is a very nice tool, but it is not suitable as a backup (maybe not due to design , definitely not due to testing/robustness). Use a dedicated backup solution on top of it!

What to do now: Don’t do any writes to your disk anymore, ideally shut down the system and start some recovery system. Then use a data recovery tool, I had success in the past with https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec (not just for photos, despite the name), but there are other options. That’s not Syncthing specific anymore though.

I believe that by default SyncTrayzor deletes conflict files to the Recycle Bin.

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Accourding to this link from the SyncTrayzor developer, SyncTrayzor does not move the files to RecycleBin. It’s the Syncthing that can do it, if set to do that.

That discussion is about a different feature: Syncthing’s versioning, where Syncthing itself is performing the file operations. When using SyncTrazyor’s conflict resolution system, it’s SyncTrayzor that is making the changes, and I think SyncTrayzor uses the Recycle Bin by default.

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