Can SyncTrayzor move deleted files to recycle bin?

I have my Android phone’s gallery folder synchronized with a folder on Windows. Whenever I delete files on my Android phone, I noticed that SyncTrayzor deletes them on Windows too, permanently. Is there a way I can make it delete to recycle bin? I have a powershell script that auto deletes recycle bin files older than 1 week & I feel this would be a safer option in order to not lose files accidentally.

It’s Syncthing’s that’s deleting them. That’s the point of Syncthing - to make two folders on different systems look the same.

You can tell Syncthing to keep copies of files which other devices have deleted, and to remove those copies after a set time – see Versioning in the docs. There isn’t any way to tell Syncthing to move those files to the Recycle Bin however (although you could use the External File Versioning functionality and write your own script to do this).


If using “Staggered File Versioning” the path to the “.stversions” folder can be set in the GUI to point to the Windows recycle bin. Think path is: