How do you avoid character case file conflicts?

This is something that plagues me every year when it comes time to setup Syncthing. I have a remote work-site so I absolutely love the program as a tool to sync all our data without plaguing our satellite internet with constant traffic. For much of the year we do not use Syncthing but another cloud based folder syncing service. When it comes time to get Syncthing running on several devices I am always in for many hours of headache dealing with conflicts due to mixed upper and lower cased file names. My other folder sync service never has these issues.

Anyone have any clever tricks for this other than forcing everyone to use a file/folder naming convention (ie only ever lower case)? It’s the only reason I still sometimes shop around for other features. It would be easy for me to justify paying for Syncthing if there was away around this issue. Thanks!

See this thread: Implementing case insensitivity

Long story short, if you’re using multiple types of operating systems (e.g. macOS, Windows, and Linux in one environment) you’re going to have to educate users, or allocate time to fix case conflicts.

How does the other file sync software handle this gracefully?

Doesn’t look like there is a solution from what I can decipher? We are all going to be on windows always.

I’m not sure how the other software does it. It is DriveHQ. Must be case insensitive on their end??

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