how can I force a reset?

This has been a continuing problem. multiple nodes, all syncing the same group of folders. all have been syncing without issue for a long time, months.

I created a New node on a different machine a few days ago. 9 primary folders, ~1.6 TB.

sync with my Primary node was fine. I added another existing node, fine. third node… it hangs and reports 60% with One folder on that node.

when I go to that other machine it reports ~80% on Two Different primary folders. ----same thing for a couple days—

How can I force a reset of the database?

PS: it appears that the total size and file count is the Same on both

Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices?

Also, do you use ignore patterns, and if yes, are all devices connected with each other or not? This is related to the fact that you said in the last sentence that the actual files were synced properly.

I do not use ignore patterns, all are running the defaults, “out of the box”. All of these devices are active and connected 24/7/365. mostly on my LAN, one via WiFI. z-620-2SpiralLinux is the New node, and it is having trouble with z620-1-Sid

Hmm, in that case something else must be the culprit. Difficult to say with no errors present in the GUI.

With that amount of data I’d suggest trying to remove and re-add individual problematic folders first and see whether they sync properly or not. You can of course perform a full database reset with, but this is likely going to be a very expensive operation both in terms of CPU/IO/RAM usage and time.

thanks very much for the link. That seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I did search but not find that page. Perhaps later today or tomorrow I will review that document and give it a try.

Many times with this similar problem I have removed and re-added the problem folders…That is also very time and resource intensive. I might try that first.

I will report back either way. Thanks again for the help.

BTW: the one thing I failed to mention…this new node does not have in common with the others: I used APT to install “The candidate channel” all of the others I used “The stable channel”

Is “Ignore Permissions” activated for the respective folders or not? If disabled, I would enable it to see if it fixes the problem.

No, “Ignore Permissions” was not activated on any. I started --reset-database running before I saw your comment.

thanks for the help. running “syncthing --reset-database” in the terminal worked fine… it did take 6 or 8 hours, but that’s not a big deal

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