syncthing --reset-database works but it is overkill

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syncthing --reset-database works but it is overkill

1,241,119 documents 229,275 folders ~2.76 TiB total

this folder is the only one I want to reset Mail.Archives 3,883 documents 615 folders ~268 GiB total

Is there a method to reset the database for just One folder? Thanks.

No, but normally you can just remove the folder from Syncthing and then add it again, which should have the same effect (in theory, as I’ve seen posts on the forum saying that only a full reset really helped solve the particular issue).

thanks. I did try removing first. I had the same problem when I added it back.

good afternoon all. I hate to beat a dead horse, but resetting the database for Just One folder would sure be sweet.

Is there a way to make a feature request?


It´s not only a today discussion to have some buttons on a right place to make such operations like

syncthing -–reset-deltas syncthing --reset-database

and maybe furthers. This would be good, because in each OS the parameters to start this operations are different. Both commands also could be folder related without delete and reconnecting the folder.

I encountered another false flag on a remote node, running Debian Bookworm

so I tried “syncthing -–reset-deltas” thinking it might be less invasive, but nope. my system said “unknown flag” … v1.23.1, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD)

so, it’s “syncthing --reset-database” yet again

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