Have to open up Windows app for syncing to work with Android

I am syncing a PC folder (using synctrayzor) with an Android folder (using syncthing). This used to work perfectly - it auto synced without any manual actions needed. Recently though, I have to open up the Synctrayzor windows app (or syncthing pc app) to sync. After opening, it will then start syncing fine - going from “Disconnected” to “Up to Date” in seconds.

Any tips on how I can get it back so that it syncs automatically, without needing to do anything manual?

It sounds like SyncTrayzor is either no longer starting up when you log onto Windows, or there’s an issue with SyncTrayzor starting Syncthing. Check SyncTrayzor’s settings.

If the problem persists, note that the SyncTrayzor project has been idle for more than 2 years, so it might be well worth switching to another wrapper/tray app that’s still actively supported – e.g., https://forum.syncthing.net/t/yet-another-syncthing-tray/8502

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