Hashing Performance

I just now noticed this really amazing performance:

Is this possible? 1.5 Terabit / Second? source: https://data.syncthing.net/

I would expect that to be a measurement error. Clock skew or something.

By the way, the measure is in GiB/s not Gbit/s. So its 1.5 TiB/s or 13.4 Tbit/s. It’s even faster than you thought.

Did you notice the number of cores in the last row? If the system really is splitting the task to 72 cores, this speed might be legit.

The hash performance test is single-threaded, and I think that speed anyway exceeds any reasonable modern computer’s memory bandwidth. Although the 72 core system is cool too :slight_smile:

Somewhat off topic: how does one read that table, anyway? What do the column headers signify?

Look up percentiles