Global Discovery not working?

Hello. My Syncthing GUI shows “Global Discovery 1/2” and I cannot find out what this means. I think it should read ‘OK’ if I am going to get it working. My Syncthing currently listens on the standard port 22000 and has 21025/UDP set for discovery. I have entered both of these into the local (Win Server 2008) firewall. In addition, I have set up two rules in my router to point incoming 22000 TCP and 21025 UDP to the host running Syncthing. Ideally I do not want to use uPNP, and want to configure two hosts to sync ‘point to point’ over the Internet. But at present I am going for a standard setup just to get things working. Any advice on setups, or a ‘howto’ would be appreciated. Syncthing version is 0.10.26. BTW I am using BTSync at present, but it is so problematic I want to migrate to Syncthing if I can get it to work. Thank you.

That just means that you don’t have IPv6 support on your machine/network. No tragedy.

I think current behavior is unfortunate. For non-tech users it is confusing. It should show either green 1/2, OK or green OK (and show 1/2 on hover), because from user POV its useless information.

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