Friendlier indication of global discovery status

Sorry to revive an old thread, if that’s not welcome. I’m new and not quite up to speed with the forum yet.

I just wanted to agree with the notion that “1/2” is not informative intuitively. I understand now what it means (no IPv6), but it bugs me to see that. I guess it’s a chakra thing…

Please consider tweaking that to something less abstruse. Thanks!

Yeah, it should be something neater. Not sure what though.

Maybe don’t even consider IPv6 discovery servers if IPv6 is not available?

That’s not the thing though; well, in the default case it is, but in general that’s just a list of discovery servers to use. In my setup I have three (the two normal ones plus one for testing) and get something between 1/3 to 3/3 depending. But, as long as at least one is reachable everything is fine, so perhaps we should just go for a (pseudo markup)

<green> :+1: 1/2</green>

or something, with a useful tooltip to explain what that means…

I like the idea of

Global discover = OK (if at least one works) and on hover “IPv4=Up / IPv6=Down”.

That way we even encourage people to get IPv6 up and running, if the desire all connected.

I think what bugs me is that I can never reach 2/2, because I don’t have IPv6. If there isn’t the possibility of reaching a discovery server, I’m not sure the status should be implying I could “do better” than I currently am.

:+1: I like this, although discovery servers don’t have names…

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This. Simple and intuitive. You could even make the “OK” be green.

Do it!

Of course you can. It may not be worth the effort just to get the coveted 2/2 badge though. :wink:

But seriously, I think just an “OK” for at least one responding server would be fine, and stuffing the full truth in the hover. The hover could then list all servers, with an OK/Unreachable status for each.

Of course someone is going to wind up with the scenario of having two clients that both show as OK but are in fact talking to two different servers, requiring troubleshooting and bug issues, but that will be the minority… :expressionless:

Was just wondering about them…

Maybe the default servers need to be a bit special? So if we can only read 1 default server, that’s fine. If can’t reach anything else, the user might care.