Getting Index IDs Back In Sync

How do I fix a “new index ID” issue in a set of devices syncing with one another?

I was getting “[file name] has a new index ID” messages between device 1 and device 2, and sync wasn’t happening. So I went to device 2 and ran syncthing with -reset-deltas. That cured the problem between those two devices, but now the device 3 is issuing “has a new index ID” messages about device 2.

Do I need to go to each machine in my network and -reset-deltas or is this an issue Syncthing will sort out on its own if I leave it alone? Or maybe I need to shut them all down and then start them one at a time with -reset-deltas?

That is just an info message, I don’t think it means you need to go and fix stuff.

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New index IDs happen when devices connect the first time, or on database migrations which happen now and then, or when forced by -reset-deltas. It’s not an issue, and by definition happens only once so resolves itself automatically.

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