FOSDEM 2017^h^h18^h^h19, Brussels

I’ll be going to FOSDEM on February 4-5. Probably I’ll be hanging out a fair amount in the Go room on Sunday, listening and hacking and so on. If you’re there or in the vicinity, come by and say hi and berate me for losing your files or something. :wink: I’m sorry to say I won’t be doing any organized presentation of Syncthing or anything, but maybe next year or so.


Great! This means I’ll have to get out of my couch and attend as well :slight_smile:

See you there,

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Given there are promises of beer, maybe I should put my British Airways points to some meaningful use.

I’ll buy a beer (or other beverage of choice) for any contributor who manages to get hold of me and put me in a situation where I can provide it. :slight_smile:

I meant the conference promises beer. Are you going to be troublesome to get hold off? Are you going there as a visitor?

I plan to be fairly easy to get hold off, but I’m just a regular visitor yes.

Now I see the beer thing you’re referring to. It looks nice. I’ll be landing some time in the friday evening and apparently live very close by so may will head over there.

Got the transport sorted. Coming in early Saturday, leaving late Sunday.

Accomodation comes next, tho if you have suggestions I am all ears.

However because I’ll be missing out on the Friday beers, we should agree to beers and potentially dinner on Saturday.

Also, even if it sounds hippie, Synching t-shirts would also be cool to organize.


That sounds awesome, i would love to meet you all there. Unfortunately I live in Korea now, so I can’t just come to Europe. Another time :slight_smile:

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There will be stickers… And I put together two possible t-shirt designs, although feel free to make your own. I’ll wear one of them so I can be recognized, unless they look like shit when delivered. :wink:

Limited editions! Those “campaigns” end in three days, so that things should have time to ship in time.

(Everyone is allowed to order, regardless of FOSDEM participation. ;))


Wonder how useful is it as marketing material without the name. Not sure if the brand is strong enough to be recognized without one.

But on the other side it’s fine as you’re not a walking annoying ad…

The name is there, small, on the back. But see it as an ice breaker - “What’s that odd logo you’re wearing? Is it a new startup?”

Oh cripes. A startup? Which is the best direction to run? ;-D

How familiar are you with belgian beer? :wink: They have the beer event the evening before the conference, but you might not be “up to spec” the day after, though.

Hmm, what time do you land on Friday? If not too early I might be able to chauffeur you from the airport to your hotel/the venue. (I’m not too familiar with that part of Brussels, but theoretically my car knows the way around =)

Highly likely I will also drop by with a colleague but not 100% sure yet :+)

To everyone interested in Syncthing that will be at FOSDEM:

I organized three events so we can get together:

There will be WikiSuite t-shirts, stickers and caps at the “Wiki and CMS” booth: Building K (level 2) booth #6

I have made some banners which include the Syncthing logo (With name below so folks can search for it)

Best regards,

M :wink:

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Sounds good, me and @AudriusButkevicius will show up this evening.

@Zillode, @xor-gate, you around?

@Zillode @AudriusButkevicius, @calmh and myself had a lovely evening.

For FOSDEM 2018, we should (at least):

  • Propose a talk about Syncthing
  • Plan a community day, either Friday or Monday to work together

Many topics were discussed but one that came up which I am particularly interested in is a Long Term Support version.

Exciting times ahead!


I hope I can attend next year. These days I was really busy… There should be enough time left to make plans for 2018 from my site. :smile:

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I’ve met someone in the coridor who stopped me because I wore the t-shirt, asked where Jakob was but I have no idea who it was.