FOSDEM 2017^h^h18^h^h19, Brussels

To bad I missed you guys. It was very busy over there :blush:. I had no direct contact with any of you :frowning:

Yeah it was a bit harder to connect with anyone in the Go room than I had hoped it would be, given how busy it was at all times.

As is the tradition, there will be some sort of Syncthing presence at FOSDEM this year as well. I’ll be there, and happy to meet up and discuss whatever with whomever is in the vicinity. I think @AudriusButkevicius plans to come over as well. @imsodin? Others?


In 2017 I was there with some colleagues. Past year I didn’t went because I find the audience very noisy before and after the talks (because its free). I did not catch up with the Syncthing people then. Not sure if I have any ride to Brussels from Eindhoven (netherlands).

As I live in Brussels, nearby the event, I’ll be there too again. If needed, I might be able to help with practical things like transport from and to the airport.


I won’t be there, as it coincides with exam time :expressionless:

I could not convince friends to come over to the '19 event, so I will not be there.

Its starting to look like I will not be able to make it as well.