Folder type is Send Only, but getting "Out of Sync" message

I’m using Syncthing on Android to sync my photos with Folder Type of “Send Only” to my NAS.

I’m also running SyncTrayzor on Windows to sync this folder to my Desktop machine.

Everything is working great with that, but my phone really only has a subset of my entire “photo reel” currently on it. So on my desktop I copied the full photo reel into this folder, and it synced to the NAS.

However, now on my phone it’s saying “out of sync” and giving me the “override changes” button. I don’t want to overwrite what is on the NAS with the subset that is currently on the phone though, and I don’t want the entire set of photos synced to my phone. I just want the phone to have a subset of the full folder and to sync any new pics, and the full set of photos can exist on my NAS & Desktop. Is there a way to do this?

Found the answer! Understanding "Override Changes" button.. Can it go when default is "Send Only"

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