Understanding "Override Changes" button.. Can it go when default is "Send Only"

Have started using SyncTrayzor lately and finding it quite useful…

Have a simple query… I have setup one way transfer from my phone to Desktop… I want to retain every file sent on Desktop as Archives but when I remove the a few from the Phone it gives me a Red button with “Override changes” … What is the option to accept the situation for removing the red error status, if the arrangement is known and understood… Something to skip/ignore if its forced “One way” “Send only” as it keeps giving “Out of Sync” Can there be a use case where in “Send only” only the files at the sender device is checked and not vice versa to avoid confusing error/message ?

Syncthing is bidirectional, it makes device A and device B look exactly the same (in sync).

You are trying to make it do things one way (in reality you just want to transfer from A to B, no syncing at all, you don’t care if they look exactly the same), and it’s telling you that it’s not meant for that.

Send only only means I don’t expect others to make changes (and if they do, I’ll throw a big red button). Receive only means the opposite, I don’t expect to have changes locally (and if they happen, it throws a big red warning).

So no, you can’t just start deleting files with these folder modes enabled and expect that everything will be fine.

You either need to run with send-receive mode and allow the deletes to propagate back, or potentially look for different software (it seems you are more after backups rather than actual bidirectional syncing).