Fix or ignore? Malformed device description warnings

Dec 16 13:19:26 rbp-xfr1 syncthing[258601]: [SATWG] INFO: - malformed InternetGatewayDevice description: no WANDevices specified. Dec 16 13:19:26 rbp-xfr1 syncthing[258601]: [SATWG] INFO: UPnP parse: [] Malformed device description: no compatible service descriptions found.

Is this something I can fix or is this something I should ignore?

Does your router allow opening ports via UPnP?

no. using opnsense firewall and we don’t allow unpnp. Eventually we will move the device to a DMZ where we can open a port.

I found this on disabling unpnp. I assume since we allow relaying there shouldn’t be a problem.

The logoutput boils down to “upnp didn’t work” so that’s expected.

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