File conflict for every modification on Android

I updated to the latest version and I started getting conflicts for every modification in the file. It took me a while to narrow it down to my android.

The conflicts stopped when my Android device (Pixel 6) was removed from Syncthing.Then when I reconnected, following recent changes on my RP which connects all devices, I saw that each modifications I’ve done in one of the files would result in a conflict within a few seconds.

I read about this issue here Keep getting conflicts generated on Android device for files modified only on a desktop PC and it seems a lot like what happened for me, even though my version was 1.22.1. I downgraded to 1.20 and everything works fine again, no conflicts. I even attempted to make a change from the android device, and it went through fine (on the newer version, this would cause a conflict).

Staying on the older version for a while until this stabilizes.


I just downgraded to 1.20.0 from 1.22.1 on my Android.

No longer getting the file conflicts for every modification on my PC.

Downgrading to 1.21 probably works too, but I just mimicked what you did.

I downloaded the 1.20.0 apk from APKMirror and used ADB to downgrade for anyone wondering. :eyes:
I had to redo all my configs unfortunately 'cause it wasn’t loading with my existing synced folders. I haven’t used the ‘backup’ feature in the Syncthing Android app, so that would probably be useful.

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Btw, looks like it was possibly fixed here? Cherry-pick syncthing commit for conflicts hot-fix · syncthing/syncthing-android@35abeff · GitHub – does it fix it for you?

It’s on google play as version, but I’m on syncthing-fork so we need to cherry-pick there as well, here’s the github issue


does Release Syncthing-Fork v1.22.2.0 · Catfriend1/syncthing-android · GitHub fix the problem?

Hello, I uninstalled my FDroid version and deleted all my confg data as I noticed that installing the com.github.catfriend1.syncthingandroid_github_v1.22.2.0_b867c3c7.apk didn’t seem to re-use my existing settings. Ho hum.

Anyway, after installing and re-configuring my Android phone (using latest GrapheneOS if it matters) in exactly the same was as before - a ‘V’ configuration where I have two different Laptops (one Linux - Kubuntu and one Windows 10 both running Syncthing 1.22.1) syncing just to the phone which acts as a kind of DMZ (the laptops don’t talk to each other) and then doing the same operations on one laptop where I would normally be able to trigger the conflict problem on every time.

So far after about an hour I am not getting conflicts. Whereas I would get them within 10 mins of changing these same files.

I also noticed that when I did get the problem that I would always get 2 conflict files created and when I checksummed the 3 files together (the original and the two conflicts) the conflicts matched (only the name was different) but the original which was good as far as data goes but had an earlier timestamp had a different checksum. It was always pairs of conflict files for each change.

I hope this helps.

Update: I have been ‘hammering’ this to try to get the same conflicts as before and so far (now about 4 hours in) no conflicts

Also just as another check I deliberately caused a conflict by editing the same file on both laptops and saving at the same time. And I did get the expected conflict. Then I proceeded to make normal edits on one laptop to see if I kept getting more conflicts. I didn’t.

Looks like it is working properly again.


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