feature request!

scenario :

i have issue with syncthing between android and laptop. on android i have a folder a in (internal storage) on laptop i have a folder b

bidirectional sync already established. and is in sync - ok.

i accidentally pasted in a lot of folders and files into “folder b” which is on laptop side. then quickly i paused Syncthing “folder b” on laptop side. erased the wrongly synced files in android (folder a) and WIPE OUT all content of the sync folder (folder b) in the laptop side. now i set laptop syncthing on the laptop side as receive only. and android side remains as both send and receive. syncthing keeps telling me there are a lot of file changes in the sync “folder b” on laptop. it keeps wanting to sync with android which i prevented (else all data will be wiped out as well). how to RESET FOLDER b on laptop side, so that it will behave obediently just "receive " files from folder a (android) into folder b (laptop) ??!

can we have such a button to allow a certain side of folder to “reset” itself and receive sync from remote device ? instead of keep insisting there is something change… folder marker failed… all these nonsense ?

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