Failed Items / No Rescan is possible. Why?

Hello and a happy Sunday,

I got this error:

Failed Items

[FNH3H] 2019/07/07 13:32:03.294322 INFO: Scanner (folder P, item "System Volume Information"): scan: open \\?\P:\System Volume Information: Zugriff verweigert

I then set the ignore pattern to match \System Volume Information for this special windows folder, because I had forgotten earlier. Ok, my bad.

But I’m wondering, why I am unable to start a new scan?

Pause & Unpause the folder did not help. No Rescan is available, its greyed out.

It seems to be stuck.

Removing/Recreating the folder helped, but thats a bit inconvenient.

Waiting an unnamed amount of time to complete work is boring and not the way it should be, IMHO.


Rescan is greyed-out: Folder

Click in “items”

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