Externally shareable link

It would be really handy if I could create a temp folder which I could drop some files in. Then generate a link to share to anyone.

The folder would have to be read-only, and the link should be time limited.

Use case: I’m an engineer, when we compile drawing sets to go to clients they are often too big to email. It would be nice to send a “click here (expires 2022-03-20)” link, and not have to worry about G Drive, Dropbox…physically delivering a USB…

I’m not sure if folder or file based would be better.

Thats not what Syncthing is, or aims to be.

Syncthing makes files in two locations be the same, thats pretty much it.

Its not a distribution mechanism, albeit people abuse it for that.

The protocol is not http, so you can’t make links.

It would also be impossible to achieve this as in some scenario direct connections are not possible, or only possible because we have our own custom protocol, rather than http.

Thanks for the clarification