Erratic Recreation of files

Yesterday I moved and deleted some files on my arch linux laptop, cleaning up my folder structure nicely. A day later, after some syncing time with my phone, all the deleted/moved files are back in the original location, meaning I have to sort everything all over again. I also regularly get conflicts with files that were only modified on one machine and untouched on all others. I am not the first one to experience this issue, do we have some advice/progress here?

A lot of issues like this are caused by using networked filesystems, or operating systems that violate various assumptions you expect make about filesystems (mostly Android).

My advice would be to simply not use devices that use any of the above. Run syncthing on a real computer running windows/linux/osx, backed by real filesystems ext4/ntfs(with ignore permissions) etc.

But what if I want my files available and modifiable on mobile?

There is not much you can do.

Syncthing is written for desktops, the fact it works on mobile is just a lucky side-effect, and is not developed to targeted mobile.

The fact it doesn’t work and has issues is mostly down to how Android operates, and expects you to use all of their abstractions, which are simply not available in Go.

That is a bummer. So after all the effort with Syncthing I might have to go back to the proprietary Resilio Sync which afaik worked well on mobile :c

Could it be related to the android version? I have on Android 10 phone and one Android 13 (Lineage 20) phone and am not sure which one triggered this issue. Cause I do feel like it worked decently at some point.

I and many others are successfully using syncthing on android - that’s definitely not a generally lost cause. Its filesystem and weird behaviour changing from vendor to vendor and version to version is indeed a can of worms and can sometimes cause troubles.

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