delted files being recreated from offline devices


I have a setup with 2 NAS and several devices that should sync changes with them (Notebook, Android Tablet).

The problem I am encountering is, that often files get recreated after deleting them on one device. I think it has to do with devices being offline, while I delete something on another device.

For example: I deleted a folder on my Notebook while my Android Tablet is offline. After work, I put my Notebook to sleep. On the next day some of the folders i deleted reappear on my Notebook. I can’t really tell whether the files get recreated directly from the tablet, Apple Notebooks do wake up from time to time during sleep.

Any hint how to debug this would help. It could have to do with the different file systems (Android, Apple, Linux NAS) involved. It would also be interesting to hear, whether such a case is in the testing and should be covered by syncthing.

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